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General Department Information   GENERAL  The Tierra Linda Fire Department’s fire district is located in southwest Gillespie County and a portion of Kerr County.  We are an incorporated  entity not affiliated with the Tierra Linda Ranch Association.  The station is sited on Ranch property secured by a land lease.  The primary fire  district extends considerably beyond the ranch boundaries and covers approximately 82 square miles.    Our mission as the name implies, a fire control organization. However, as is the nature of all emergency service organizations, we participate in  a variety of public service activities. We are frequently called on to assist DPS, EMS and County Sheriff’s (both Kerr & Gillespie Counties) with  motor vehicle accidents. Our usual role at accidents is traffic control, but can be called on for victim assistance and sometimes with site clean-  up.   In addition, we often respond to assist EMS with non-vehicular accidents and other medical emergency responses.  This usually involves the  hand transportation of victims over relatively long distances and / or guiding EMS crews into and out of areas they are not familiar with. We  sometimes locate helicopter landing zones for evacuation of victims while EMS is attending and transporting a victim to the landing site. The  Tierra Linda Airport is the preferred landing zone in most cases, but we are prepared to make arrangements at more remote sites.  Department personnel sometimes arrive at EMS scenes before the ambulance arrives.  Some of our members are EMR qualified, so our role in  these cases is to practice basic first aid, make the victim as comfortable as possible, and assist EMS to locate the site.  We participate fully in the mutual aid concept. Although our protection boundaries are well defined, they mean little or nothing when other  emergency service organizations call for assistance.  We’ve responded to calls to nearly all adjacent units and have been dispatched as far as  50+ miles from our station. We need to respond to all dispatches, regardless of the type or location of the incident. We can also expect  assistance from surrounding departments whenever we so request.  We also participate with Gillespie county in an “Automatic Aid Concept”. This concept results in our being automatically dispatched to portions of  the Harper and Fredericksburg fire districts that are immediately adjacent to our district.   MEETINGS  We meet monthly at 9:00 A.M. on the first Saturday of each month. The first hour is primarily a business & information meeting, but classroom  type training may be provided as necessary. Following the business meeting, we have a hands on training exercise until about noon. The field  training will involve truck & pump operation, hose lays, drop tank use, etc.  TRUCK OPERATOR REQUIREMENTS All firefighters are encouraged to secure qualifications as a truck driver - pump operator. Non operators are a vital part of the department, but  additional operators give us a great deal more flexibility during emergency situations.  The first step toward qualification is participation in the hands on training (usually the Saturday morning sessions) to become familiar with basic  pump operation.   The next step is to participate in more individualized training in smaller groups. These smaller group sessions are held periodically, usually at the  request of those desiring to become qualified, so are usually available upon your individual request. These sessions require the presence of a  qualified operator and trainees are not permitted to drive the Tanker or Engine, except as noted below.  Tanker/Engine driver trainers are designated by the Chief. Tanker/Engine trainees will drive under the supervision of one of the designated  trainers.  This driving training will be individualized and will be available upon the request of the trainee or suggestion of the trainer.  The more individualized pump operation and driving training will be offered upon your request and will continue to meet your needs. The length  of this training will vary with each firefighter based on their experience, background, and ability to obtain the specific skills required.  At the conclusion of this training period, each trainee will individually demonstrate their proficiency at driving and pump operation to designated  department personnel. This is not a test but rather a demonstration of proficiency to determine further training needs or to move on to the next  step. The final step to becoming a Tanker or Engine operator is to secure a Texas Class B drivers license. Both a written and driving test are required  by the State for this license. The fire department will coach and assist trainees with this test. All expenses associated with securing the license  will be paid by the department.  TRUCK MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS Each truck and its pump are inspected and tested every week. Inspections are conducted in accordance with each trucks check list located on  clip boards kept in the Dispatch office.  Inspections are conducted by a qualified Driver/Operator and at least one other firefighter. Dates and times of the inspections are determined by  those conducting the inspection but must be conducted weekly.  All firefighters are requested to sign up for their rotation in the inspections at the beginning of each year. Not only is this a vital function, it offers  valuable one on one training for non Driver/Operators, so everyone is encouraged to participate in this process.  KARFA  Tierra Linda is a member of the Kerr Area Rural Fire Association. This association was formed after the 2000 Shepard Rees fire in Kerrville. All  fire departments in counties that border Kerr County may be a member of the association, but membership has remained relatively constant at  12 fire departments. Its purpose is to coordinate activities such as grant applications and mutual fire planning. The Chief and Deputy Chief  attend KARFA meetings and provide feedback to our department.  PERSONNEL AND FUNDING  [including Membership Roster] Any resident of Gillespie or Kerr County who resides within 6 miles of the fire station or within the fire district, and who are between the ages of  18 and 70 may apply and will be considered for membership in the department. The individual must be in good physical condition or fill a definite  need in the department. After review of qualifications by the Executive Committee, the applicant may be accepted for membership in the  department.  Requirements for new TLVFD members: New members must undergo a 6-month probationary period. When any new member has been on the department for 6 months, the TLVFD Board of Directors (BOD) shall convene along with the line officers and evaluate the new member’s performance for the probationary period. The evaluation shall include: 1. Has the new member participated in incidents frequently? 2. Has the new member attended TLVFD business meeting and training sessions? 3. Has the new member performed any additional training with another qualified driver operator/ fire fighter? 4. Does the new member follow instructions at incidents and training sessions with particular regard to safety? 5.  Is the new member compatible with existing TLVFD personnel? After such evaluation meeting the BOD and shall vote as to the ability of the new member to be an asset to the department. A simple majority vote by the convened group shall determine whether the new member will continue to be a member of the department, going forward. After the first three months of the probationary period for each new member the Executive Committee shall discuss the status of such member at that time. If the new member is not performing, such member shall be warned of the area of deficiency and be allowed to correct such deficiencies during the remaining three months of the probationary period.      Training Requirements for new TLVFD members: New members will be required to take certain training courses both online and at designated training facilities such as Fredericksburg Fire Dept., Kerrville Fire Dept. or the Texas A&M Forest service. Training courses that are required are determined to be those that are necessary to keep TLVD NIMS compliant with FEMA and Gillespie County. The TLVD current training officer shall notify the new member of the courses as they become available. We are a 100% voluntary organization. With current circumstances, our ideal strength is 33 volunteers. This includes approximately 24 line  personnel, 4 dispatchers, and several specialist’s. We usually maintain the desired level of volunteers except line personnel. All members are  encouraged to help with recruitment.  Click --->  TLVFD-ROSTER   to view or download the member roster with phone numbers.  Gillespie County provides nearly $13,540.00 and Kerr County $6,000.00 via a contract that is renewed annually. All other funding is secured by a  letter of solicitation that is mailed to district residents sometime between January and March each year.  In addition, we apply for grants from federal, state and private sources as equipment is needed and funds appear to be available.  INCIDENT REPORTING We do participate in the National Fire Incident Reporting System and the Texas Forest Service Fire Reporting system.  FACTS AND FIGURES The Department:  -- Has an assigned boundary that includes approximately 82 square miles.  -- Has an estimated population of 3,500 in our immediate protection boundary.  -- State of Texas Charter number is 01283231. -- Federal Tax Identification Number of 74-2689293.  -- State Fire Marshall identification number of HC201 
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